2017 Show Special Award Winners

Special Award Winners

2017 Show Grand Champion Award

Florida SunCoast Orchids

American Orchid Society’s Show Trophy

Theme: Music to the Eyes Display created by: Michael Polen (Art Stones Orchids)

Best in Cattleya Alliance

C. Fire Magic ‘Krull-Smith’ (C. Tokyo Magic x C. Fire Fantasy)  exhibited by: Sharon Kahnoski

Best in Vandaceous Alliance

Vanda [(Fuchs Sunrise x Fuchs Horizon) x Tarru Gold) exhibited by: Florida SunCoast Orchids

Best in Cypripedioideae

Paph. Grecian Maid ‘Ponkan’ AM/AOS exhibited by: Krull-Smith

Best in Dendrobieae

Den. Caesar (Dendrobium phalaenopsis x Dendrobium stratiotes)  exhibited by: Charlie Rogg

Best in Oncidiinae

Oncostele Wildcat (Oncostele Rustic Bridge x Oncidium Crowborough (1965)) exhibited by: Coreley Plasek


Best in Cymbidieae &  Best of Other Genera

Clowesia Grace Dunn (Clowesia warczewitzii x Clowesia rosea) exhibited by: Carol Nissen

Best Specimen – Species Plant

  E. cordigera exhibited by: Palmer Orchids

Best Specimen – Hybrid

Eyv. Phoenix (B. nodosa x E. phoenicea) exhibited by: Florida SunCoast Orchids

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