2018 Show – For the Love of Orchids



Hundreds of beautiful orchids will be judged for awards in 100 sq. ft. displays created by Sarasota, Venice, and Englewood Orchid Societies. A grand commercial display will highlight the entrance of the show.

A variety of orchid hybrids and species will be available for purchase from the following expert orchid growers …

Art Stone Orchids … https://www.facebook.com/Art-Stone-Orchids-Statuary-116993821731924/

Florida SunCoast Orchids … http://floridasuncoastorchids.com/

Krull-Smith Orchids … https://www.krullsmith.com/

Louis Del Favero Orchids … https://www.facebook.com/pages/Del-Favero-Louis-Orchids/162034467153494

Mac’s Orchids … http://www.macsorchids.com/

Odom’s Orchids … http://www.odoms.com/

Palmer Orchids … http://www.palmerorchids.com/

Phelp’s Farm Orchids … http://www.phelpsfarm.com/

Plantio La Orquidea … https://www.plantiolaorquidea.com/

Smiley’s Orchids … http://www.smileyorchids.com/

Orchid growing supplies may be obtained from …

Hick’s Orchid Supplies … https://hicksorchidsandsupplies.simdif.com/

Hang-a-Pot … https://hangapot.com/

Your Farm & Garden … http://yourfarmandgarden.com/

Lovely works of art for sale will be shown by …

Stig Dalström Botanical Art

Carol Marcus-Epperly

Wearable Orchids by Robin Parsons

Lora Thomas Ceramics

Patty Blair

Lois Carson

Classes to learn how to successfully grow these exciting plants will be scheduled throughout the two days …


11:00  Monroe Kokin Orchid Q & A

1:00 Roy Krueger – Building a Collection

3:00 Mike Poulan – Growing Phals


11:00 Monroe Kokin – Orchid Q & A

1:00 Roy Krueger  – Culture Habits of Your Plants

3:00 Jim Roberts  – Re-potting Orchids

Join us for the Sarasota Orchid Society’s AOS Accredited 61th Anniversary Show!

SOS Schedule 2017 (For Judges and Exhibitors)

SHOW HOURS: Saturday, January 6th,  9:00  to 5:00  &  Sunday, January 7th, 10:00 to 5:00

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