Sarasota Orchid Society Proudly Presents 2020 Show and Sale

Sarasota Orchid Society 2020 Show and Sale

Our show would not be possible without our vendors and the participation of our other neighboring Orchid Societies Englewood and Venice as well as the Sarasota Garden Club

And our sponsors, Your Farm and Garden and Sarasota Herald-Tribune 

SOS 2020 Schedule

Culture Classes Schedule


11:00 – Building a Collection: Selecting plants you can grow in Sarasota – Roy Krueger

1:00 – Buying an Orchid: What to look for when buying orchids – Larry Disiano

3:00 – Growing Phalaenopsis: Care and culture of the most popular indoor orchid – Jim Roberts


11:00 – Orchids Q & A Answers to all your questions of how to grow, how to rebloom and how to fertilize – Larry Disiano

1:00 – Species or Hybrids: Differences. Which would you grow and why – Roy Krueger

3:00 – Repotting: How and when to repot. Potting medium and whether to choose clay, plastic or basket – Mike Polen

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