Silent Auction

Announcing Sarasota Orchid Society Online Silent Auction

Starting at 8 am on Tuesday, Dec. 8, the SOS will be hosting a silent orchid auction online. The auction will run through 8 pm on Thursday, Dec. 10th, and will work similar to eBay but will only be accessible to  SOS members. In order to bid in the auction, you must first create an account and log in. This is easy to do and can be done any time prior to the auction on any computer, tablet or smartphone. Instructions on how to create an account, and how to bid are contained in this link SOS Silent Auction Bidder Instructions – December

Use this LINK to access the auction from any device.

You can log into the auction before it starts to create your account and be able to see what has been posted so far. Keep in mind Orchids can be added in at any time, so check back after the auction begins.

If you want to sell plants in the auction, get your info into Larry at the email address below.

The SOS is not responsible for any items being sold or transactions between Buyers and Sellers. All transactions are between the Buyer and Seller and Sellers will donate 20% to the SOS.

Buyer have the right to reject an orchid if, after seeing the actual item, they feel it is diseases, infested, or potted in decaying mix.

If you have any questions contact Larry at


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